** Get instant lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to Amplify Your Confidence and Create Consistent Sales with Certainty and Ease!

* Do you desire a selling and marketing process that works and feels good for you? 

 * Do you want a system where you no longer need pushy sales calls or any other "old-bro" style marketing? 

 * Does the idea of "sales" make your soul shudder with dread and anxiety?

Lovely, you have made it to the right place

You're meant to be paid for doing what you love and it's meant to feel good

If you’re NOT currently creating the cash flow that you want in your business, you’re probably feeling very overwhelmed or maybe you're feeling stuck in frustration feeling like this sales thing is just not for you because the strategies you've tried feel like shit (looking at you bro marketing)...

Here is the thing:

When you believe in yourself and your work... when you feel confident and good about your methods, when you combine strategies with soul alignment and put your heart behind everything...EVERYTHING begins to flow

It's time to take your energy, sales and business to the next level without feeling yuck 

 That is why this is for you!!


If you're anything like many of the heart-led entrepreneurs in my world… 

You're great a what you do - scrap that, you're an expert! 

Your products are high quality and change lives, plus you've put your heart and soul into creating this business 

You've got skills, knowledge and some serious gifts to share  

But sales feel hard...and you really don't want to seem pushy or sales-y


I totally get it and...I've got you!

If you are sooo READY to make MORE sales (without icky tactics), so you can finally have non-stop sales and cash flow this is perfect for you

The Awakened Sales Goddess is a transformational feminine aligned sales program that will help you confidently make more sales in a way that feels good

  The Way It Was Always Meant To Be!

You get instant lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to Amplify Your Confidence and Create Consistent Sales with Certainty and Ease! 

 * Get ALL the Video Trainings, Breakthrough Energetic Tools + Hypnosis Tracks, Powerful Activation Audios, Email Swipe Files, Plugin Calls To Action + Bonus Resources!


If you're struggling to make sales it's not because you "suck" it's either a money block, a lack of confidence or you haven't aligned your sales method to your sales love language. 

So now instead of feeling clear, confident and asking for the sales...you’re feeling confused, tired and freaking frustrated and your bank account is struggling! 

Let’s Fix That Fast!

First, let me say this isn't your ordinary sales program, where I teach you a bunch of strategies

This is so much MORE than Just Sales!

The Awakened Sales Goddess will help you activate your feminine energy of attraction so that you feel empowered and confident within yourself at a soul level AND in your sales process  

This IS how you get paid for your presence, sell more products and gets more clients

You will learn how to stand in your power and personal presence, own your truth and clear whatever resistance is holding you back so that when you use your sales love language you will make more sales than ever before in a way that feels good!

Here’s why sales have felt hard. 

Sales and Selling has been made so complicated, emotional and damn right exhausting and it doesn’t need to be. 

You’ve probably been told you must post four times a day to get noticed, cold pitch in the DM’s, stalk people on social media or…. 

You must spend hours a week on sales calls to convince people into working with you only to get ghosted or worse come up against a tonne of objections that leave you emotionally exhausted. 

Am I right? I get it I thought the same thing and it sucks!!


Selling doesn’t need to be hard, sleazy or pushy. 

It gets to be easy and fun. 

The way is was ALWAYS meant to be!

This program will show you EXACTLY how to align you to your sales love language (yep we all have one), help you remove any abundance blocks keeping you stuck and give you the magic to activating your feminine essence so you are seen, heard and paid

Imagine no longer second-guessing yourself and no longer feeling gross when asking for the sale

See yourself feeling confident

Feel into the most EMPOWERED version of you - who makes money with ease

Feels good right?

It’s Time To Awaken Your Inner Sales Goddess

Here is just some what you get for JUST $97!

The first step to EASY sales is clearing any dense energy and money blocks that have you feeling overwhelmed and stagnant so you become magnetic to all the opportunities and money you desire. 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  How to easily stop your self-sabotaging patterns (no more feeling like you’re not good enough) 
  •  Know how to confidently start charging your worth without second-guessing yourself. 

 Included are: 

Hypnosis tracks, video trainings, activation tools, EFT and journal prompts

It's time to amplify your powerfully feminine energy and presence Be Seen, Heard and Getting Paid for being you! 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  Know how to easily embody your unique natural sales method to begin magnetising clients you LOVE working with on repeat
  • Identify your sales love language and how to easily apply it to your business Learn the groundbreaking 
  • Powerful Feminine activation technique that will see you step into greater levels of confidence and magnetism 

 Included are: 

Powerful breathing techniques to help you change state, playlists, activation meditations, video trainings, EFT and journal prompts

Sales Mastery is all about you finding the sales strategy that YOU love and that feels good to you. That's why this section is jam-packed with different sales methods to use if you are a coach, consultant or you sell physical products. 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  Sales Goddess Clarity planner - A woman with a plan IS unstoppable How to enrol High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!) 
  •  The ultimate follow up email that helps you close 90% more sales without looking sales-y 
  • High converting abandon cart email swipe files
  •  EXACTLY what to say to make sales in the DM’s on FB lives or written content having your potential clients “selling” themselves to you feeling safe, confident and unshakable 
  • Exactly what I say when people have objections that actually increase your sales! 

 Included are: 

Email swipe files, plugin play calls to action, video trainings and MORE!

BONUS #1: Access to my complete 4-day Money Love challenge to help you change your relationship with money and receive more (this ALONE is worth the price of this program)

BONUS #2: Take this will take the guesswork out of creating your sales funnel. With this planner, you will know exactly what you need to do to create those amazing money-making funnels and build awesome relationships with your customers/clients. (Value $49)

BONUS #3: Lifetime access to Prosperity and Pleasure workshop to help you tap into the power of pleasure to amplify your sales and remove limiting beliefs (value $129)

You get instant lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to Amplify Your Confidence and Create Consistent Sales with Certainty and Ease! 

 * Get ALL the Video Trainings, Breakthrough Energetic Tools + Hypnosis Tracks, Powerful Activation Audios, Email Swipe Files, Plugin Calls To Action + Bonus Resources!

(TOTAL VALUE $597++)

Still On The Fence?

Take a look at what's waiting for you

Imagine within weeks of grabbing this program you could be…

Booking high ticket clients without long exhausting sales calls that feel pushy


Waking up to messages in your DM’s from dreamy clients and customers selling themselves to you!   

Having payments made whilst you slept, when at the gym or watching Netflix with your kids 

  Easily filling your programs and selling out your products 

  Feeling confident and certain in your prices, worth and unique aligned sales method 

Having more money freedom, more sales and more fun inside your business 

If You’re READY to Create Consistent Sales With Confidence, Certainty and Ease!

Let's get you started

The Awakened Sales Goddess is valued at $597 

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