Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey that will ignite your inner sales goddess, see you get paid what you deserve and unlock the doors to abundance and success?

Welcome to The Awakened Sales Goddess program, where you'll discover the secret to easy sales, unleashing your feminine presence, and shattering every money block in your path.

Ignite Your Magnetic Presence: Transform Your Sales Approach and Attract Dream Clients!


Imagine a life where you confidently step into your true worth, radiating a magnetic energy that captivates your audience effortlessly. 

Envision yourself effortlessly enrolling paid-in-full clients, filling up your course with dream clients and selling out your products, while maintaining alignment with your core values and authentic energy. 

Picture the incredible transformation as you embrace your sales abilities and soar to new heights of online influence and prosperity.

Unleash Your Inner Sales Goddess: 

The Awakened Sales Goddess program is a divine fusion of mindset mastery, sacred feminine wisdom, and strategic sales techniques. It has been meticulously crafted to empower you with the skills and confidence needed to revolutionise your sales approach and unleash your inner goddess. Say goodbye to pushy sales tactics and welcome a graceful and irresistible selling style that aligns with your unique energy. 

 Own Your Value: 

 No more hiding in the shadows or downplaying your worth. The Awakened Sales Goddess program will guide you on a transformative journey to embrace your true value. You'll unlock the deep-seated beliefs that have held you back, and rise up as a confident and empowered woman ready to claim what you deserve. Own your value with unshakable certainty, and watch as the world responds in awe. 

 Ignite Your Feminine Presence: 

 Embrace the divine power of your feminine essence and watch as your presence becomes a force to be reckoned with. The Awakened Sales Goddess program will help you tap into the timeless wisdom of femininity, allowing you to radiate grace, poise, and charm in every interaction. Embody your true essence and witness how your authentic magnetism draws people to you effortlessly. 

 Break Free from Money Blocks: 

 Are you tired of struggling with financial limitations and self-imposed money blocks? It's time to shatter those barriers and embrace abundance in all its forms. The Awakened Sales Goddess program will guide you through powerful techniques and mindset shifts that will transform your relationship with money. Witness as your financial situation shifts from scarcity to abundance, empowering you to create the life of your dreams. 

 Experience a Transformational Journey: 

 The Awakened Sales Goddess program is not just another online course; it's a transformational journey that will elevate every aspect of your life. Through immersive exercises, guided meditations, and empowering rituals, you'll experience a deep internal shift that ripples into your sales approach, your relationships, and your overall fulfillment. Step into your power and watch as the world opens up to greet you with boundless opportunities.  

 Today It's Only $47!

Join The Awakened Sales Goddess Program Today: Are you ready to become the embodiment of grace, confidence, and success? 

The Awakened Sales Goddess program is your ticket to a life where you sell authentically, magnetically, and in alignment with your values. Say goodbye to sales struggles and embrace a path that leads to financial prosperity and soulful fulfillment.

 Claim your rightful place as a sales goddess and transform your life today. Sign up for The Awakened Sales Goddess program now!

You get instant lifetime access to EVERYTHING you need to Amplify Your Confidence and Create Consistent Sales with Certainty and Ease!

* Get ALL the 15 Video Trainings (including how to enrol high tickets clients without sale calls) 

 *An Entire Toolkit Of Breakthrough Energetic Tools + Hypnosis Tracks to help align your mindset 

 *Powerful Money EFT Session and Potent Sales Activation Audios because your energy is EVERYTHING! 

 *Email Swipe Files (including abandon cart emails & follow up emails within minutes have everything set up for more cash flow - steal them all and) 

 *Plugin Calls To Action Turn Your Content Into Gold - finally start seeing your content and emails bringing in the coin 

 *How to overcome any objections with ease and grace (we don't do "bro-style" marketing here OR sales calls) 

 *Get the COMPLETE method to enrolling high-ticket clients with a simple form and DM convo

++ Bonus So Many More Resources

Here is just some of what's waiting for you!

The first step to EASY sales is clearing any dense energy and money blocks that have you feeling overwhelmed and stagnant so you become magnetic to all the opportunities and money you desire. 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  How to easily stop your self-sabotaging patterns (no more feeling like you’re not good enough) 
  •  Know how to confidently start charging your worth without second-guessing yourself.


Included are: Hypnosis tracks, video trainings, activation tools, EFT and journal prompts

It's time to amplify your powerfully feminine energy and presence Be Seen, Heard and Getting Paid for being you! 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  Know how to easily embody your unique natural sales method to begin magnetising clients you LOVE working with on repeat 
  •  Identify your sales love language and how to easily apply it to your business 
  • Learn the groundbreaking Powerful Feminine activation technique that will see you step into greater levels of confidence and magnetism 

 Included are: Powerful breathing techniques to help you change state, playlists, activation meditations, video trainings, EFT and journal prompts

Sales Mastery is all about you finding the sales strategy that YOU love and that feels good to you. That's why this section is jam-packed with different sales methods to use if you are a coach, consultant or you sell physical products. 

 Within this module, you will discover: 

  •  Sales Goddess Clarity planner - A woman with a plan IS unstoppable How to enrol High-Ticket clients WITHOUT sales calls (YEP never do one again if you don’t enjoy them!) 
  •  The ultimate follow up email that helps you close 90% more sales without looking sales-y 
  • High converting abandon cart email swipe files 
  • EXACTLY what to say to make sales in the DM’s on FB lives or written content having your potential clients “selling” themselves to you feeling safe, confident and unshakable 
  • Exactly what I say when people have objections that actually increase your sales! 

Included are: 

Email swipe files, plugin play calls to action, video trainings and MORE!

BONUS #1: Access to my complete 4-day Money Love challenge to help you change your relationship with money and receive more (this ALONE is worth the price of this program)

BONUS #2: The reason most women burn out in business is that they don't know how to set aligned goals. With this workbook, you will set aligned goals for your business (Value $49)

BONUS #3: Lifetime access to Prosperity and Pleasure workshop to help you tap into the power of pleasure yo amplify your sales and remove limiting beliefs (value $129)

So here’s where I’m stuck…why on earth are you still reading this? 

I mean not to sound rude, but you should be skipping off as fast as your legs will carry you to check it out (because this offer won't last forever). So to help you out in your decision making I created just for you

Imagine within weeks of grabbing this program you could be…

Booking high-ticket clients without long exhausting sales calls that feel pushy

Waking up to messages in your DM’s from dreamy clients and customers selling themselves to you!   

Have payments made whilst you slept, when at the gym or watching Netflix with your kids 


Easily filling your programs and selling out your products 

  Feeling confident and certain in your prices, worth and unique aligned sales method 

Having more money freedom, more sales and more fun inside your business 

Finally, know how to create the mindset, magnetism and unique simple sales system that helps you show up powerfully, confidently and attract the "right fit" clients and customers you desire and results you deserve without feeling like had to sell your soul or use icky strategies that felt hard and yuck!

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