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Does this sound familiar...

- You know you're on the cusp of success. When you close your eyes you can almost see it...feel it...taste it. 

- You feel alive with energy and passion when you think of the life and business you are building, you just need to trust yourself 

- You need the confidence to make decisions without second-guessing yourself and take the required action

- You need to stop procrastinating, stop overthinking everything and become consistent WITHOUT burning yourself out! (because you've been down that road and it wasn't fun)

 And to do all of that, you need the right support, a guide and a friend plus A toolbox filled with the BEST mindset, energy and strategy tools and practices 

 That’s where I come in...  


Does this sound like you?

Your mind is filled with all the incredible things you want to accomplish, but you feel stuck in the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and fear, because it's scary to put yourself out there...and trust yourself

You're tired of wasting time trying to piece together all the information online and jumping from program to program, you just want someone to simplify it and support you so you can actually start getting results in a way that feels good for you

You need someone to turn to for answers to your questions, to stay accountable to or to bounce ideas around with when stuck so you don't sabotage yourself 

You want a way to make money without comprising your values or changing your personality 

 You're ready to stop feeling alone and left to fall back into old stories of not being "enough", not to mention you're frustrated from trying EVERYTHING without someone to lean on for guidance, inspiration and ideas

You know something needs to change NOW and you know that to level up you need support but…
You’re putting everybody's needs before your own. Your partners, your kids, your friends...even your fur babies!

 Had all the best strategies, templates, swipe files and manifestation/mindset practices you need at your fingertips to create a business YOUR way, more in alignment with what feels really good and balanced for you and those you love 

  Knew how to show up with confidence and authenticity feeling happy, inspired, motivated and empowered both online and in your life

  Never had to worry about where to find your next client or use sleazy sales tactics your leads flow in, your audience is growing and you're making money

  Always knew what you need to work on to make huge progress and had the accountability partner to make sure you get it done

Had all the support you need to gain momentum and take action confidently with all the ongoing support to help you set exciting goals and achieve them

That's EXACTLY why I created The Wealthy Woman Unlocked...

 To help you go from stuck and frustrated AF to creating a business you adore filled with non-stop clients, cash flow and freedom now!!

To give you the tools, strategies and support needed to amplify your positive momentum, mindset, energy, and results like nothing else...

Whatever you think is standing in your way... Your funnel, your content, your strategy, audience growth, your sales method or your mindset ...Put that aside for a minute

What I know to be true is that to support you in growing a profitable business you adore takes more than just giving you strategies to implement, it's so much more ...

That's why this mentorship is different. Nothing is off-limits

My mission is to support you with your confidence, your mindset, your energy and boundaries, plus helping you to create YOUR unique pathway to wealth and abundance through your business strategy.

We are going to combine genius zones, yours with mine, which is the unique ability to give you simple strategy, clarity, and focus so that you quickly start taking easy inspired aligned action and get results FAST.

There is nothing cookie-cutter here, you take what you need knowing you have a toolkit to come back to when needed AND the ongoing coaching to step into your desire-led CEO and trust yourself

Now more than ever the world needs more women like you.

 Women who choose themselves, who are ready to burn the rules and blaze a trail towards creating both a life and business that they adore that makes both money and impact!

It's time to stop seeking permission from others to live fearlessly free

It's time to stop banging your head against a wall bouncing from program to program, wondering what you are missing and why you can't make sales and...

Start living your dream life NOW!!

With The Wealthy Woman Unlocked you will be supported in growing your business by your own rules with everything, you need at your fingers tips to do business and life YOUR way!

If you're ready to LEVEL UP your business, life and energy here's your invitation

Get instant access to all the business growth strategies, videos, worksheets, templates, swipe files and mindset + manifestation practices 

Lifetime access to your community and Bi-Weekly LIVE group coaching calls where we work together to guarantee your success and you get your questions asked. 

EVERYTHING you need to stay inspired, motivated, aligned and making money doing what you love with confidence and ease now! 

Hey friend, Ang here

Let me tell you a story...

The story of how I went from being a broke and burnt-out counsellor and life coach who was madly trying ALL the things to create the impact, income and freedom I craved with my business. 

To where I am now, with two successful businesses, a best-selling book and an app on the app store.

I was that girl who spent hours downloading every "freebie", doing masterclass after masterclass, investing in coaches, learning the "newest" strategy...doing all the journalling and inner work...

I was doing it ALL! And still my bank account stayed the same.
I just couldn't crack the code


I was burning myself out, working every spare minute I could find, trying to piece all the different courses I'd invested in together...

I felt stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, fatigue, and frustration as I watched less experienced people pass me by

I was second-guessing every decision I made which meant I started to question whether I was "good enough", "whether I was ever going to make money in my business" plus...

 I was riddled with guilt because nothing felt like it worked...none of the hard work was paying off. Secretly I felt like a complete failure

I just couldn't work out what I was missing. Which meant the cycle of inconsistent clients and cash flow continued whilst my confidence took a nosedive.

Somedays I just felt like giving up and going back to getting a "real" job. But...

I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was meant for more. I knew the work I did changed people's lives, Plus

My work, my goals and dreams, they mattered 

You most likely feel the same.

Perhaps you feel stuck and frustrated even though you are doing "all" the things. And...

You too know deep in your heart that you're meant for more. You're meant to make an impact. You're meant to make a difference and...

You're sooo ready to make massive amounts of money in your business - right?

I get it! Gosh, do I GET IT!!

It is so hard to stand at the crossroads not knowing what to do or "who" to turn to

When I was standing at my own crossroads I realised that I really only had two choices...give up or find another way

I chose to find another way. A way of growing my business that felt light and easy. A way of selling that felt good and a way of reclaiming my power, freedom and confidence

I also at that moment made a  promise...

I promised that once I figured this out for me I would support you to do the same.

I would help you discover your unique business model so you too can have non-stop clients, cash flow, confidence and ease with all the support that I knew was the absolute magic elixir to success and freedom.

 Good news is...I figured it out

I'll be honest with you it wasn't easy but I did it out and now I'm showing you!

If you're ready to LEVEL UP your business, life and energy here's your invitation
Here is EVERYTHING you get when you join The Wealthy Woman Unlocked

My mission is to support you in making money doing what you love!

With this program, you will have lifetime access to everything you need to feel totally aligned with your soul desires and goals, attract paying clients and experience amazing opportunities, PLUS get bi-monthly live coaching with me as your master coach

Here is a peek at what's waiting for you once you join

Module 1: You'll discover  how to embody the energy of  The Wealthy Woman - How to have it all without burning out, instead allowing abundance and success to flow

Energy is everything, so with that in mind in this module we re-programme you for your inevitable success, using your own soul's blueprint and hearts desires as your guide

  • Accelerated Wealth Subliminal Audio Bundle: 4 highly potent subliminal audios to rewire, refire and recode you to accelerated wealth and business growth

  • The Wealthy Woman Journal Prompts call in greater wealth and amplify your results

  • The Wealthy Woman Sacred space creation is crucial as everything around us holds so much energy that has the potential to either create resistance and anchor us in lack or lift us into higher and higher abundance and wealth

  • The Wealthy Women Hypnosis Playlist to help you re-pattern your subconscious mind to wealth, think of these like your keys to abundance

  • The Wealthy Woman Coding Unlocked Audio - there is a unique coding to wealth this will unlock yours and proven to have you manifesting more money, clients and opportunities, fast!

  • The Wealthy Woman client attraction meditation

Module 2: Learn how to show up like a wealthy woman with confidence and how to turn on your natural magnetism to get paid for being you

Making money like magic IS your birthright, this module is about helping you break the ceiling on all that's possible for you and activating your natural manifesting abilities. Giving your the tools and practices to help you re-align daily always feeling supported and guided

  • The Wealthy Woman Journal Manifestation Practice open you up to receiving greater wealth start attracting more of what you want each and every day

  • The Wealthy Woman Mantras to align to the Universal laws of deservability this is key if you want to continue to 10x your wealth month after month

  • The Wealthy Woman Aligned Energetic practice embodying love and cultivating deep belief and trust

  • The Wealthy Woman techniques to breaking free of limiting beliefs and resistance so that you no longer feeling weighed down in worrying how you will achieve your goals

  • The Wealthy Woman phone wallpapers to activate money like magic

Module 3: Inside you'll discover a buffet of growth, nurture and sales strategies + swipe files and templates for the heart-led entrepreneur that empower you to create a business YOUR way

To make money in your business you need leads, followers and paying customers + clients. These trainings cover exactly how to magnetise dream clients using organic attraction marketing, discover your magnetic messaging and create a business you love unique to you

  • Get my entire 6 figure content event strategy that takes you through how to run a successful launch WITHOUT overwhelm, paid ads or a huge following! (Value $997)

  • How to nail your million dollar message that attracts "right fit" clients and customers

  • The Wealthy Woman Visibility Hacks for Facebook & Instagram so you start attracting leads and clients like magic you must be seen as a leader making an impact

  • How to attract hot leads and paying clients using easy organic attraction marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest

  • How to use Instagram to attract hot leads and build a following of raving fans

  • How to attract leads using Youtube + BONUS 41 other ideas for you to organically attract dreamy leads into your business

  • How to become a soulful conversion Queen - goodbye spammy strategies

  • The Awakened Sales Goddess Sales program Includes full trainings on how to enrol high-ticket clients without sales calls

  • The Wealthy Woman Sales Page template so you can easily create your sexy irresistible offer. Have your potential new clients begging to work with you and take their money

  • The Wealthy Woman Launch with ease method. This will help you put an end to the never-ending second-guessing and wondering whether you're doing enough to sell out your offers. Super powerful in helping you sell out your offers

  • Email sequence swipe files to grow and nurture your audience so they become raving fans and paying clients

  • How to turn on your magnetism so that you attract clients from a place of confidence and ease without spending a cent

  • How to write content that captivates and attracts your ideal clients

  • The Wealthy Woman Content prompts so you can create content that converts. Is important that we sound authentic and unique so we can stand out and cut through the online noise. These prompts will help create cut-through content and magnetic messaging to attract dream clients and make money

  •  48 Lead magnet ideas so you can create a freebie your potential new clients will love you for


  • How to create a profitable Facebook group FULL of raving fans and dream clients

  • The Wealthy Woman Online Making Money Like Magic Activities - Ca Ching baby money in the bank!

  • Sales funnel training along with complete swipe files

  • Checklists to keep you on track towards your inevitable success

  • Swipe files GALORE in Canva to create FB banners, lead magnets, Sales Funnel Planner and soo much more. Let's make things EASY for you...Yes!

This program was designed to grow with you so it only keeps getting better and better...more and more abundant

PLUS The private Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community is the perfect place for support, feedback and more!

Let's be real entrepreneurship can feel lonely, that's why you need a community of sisters who "get it" and a coach supporting you so that you...

 Never stay stuck again!!

Add to that our bi-monthly live coaching sessions to get direct feedback from me, answers to all the questions and have the support to keep you expanding and growing your wildly profitable business -

My desire is that you will always have someone to turn to for advice, inspiration or help NOTHING is off limits!!
Hear from other wildly successful wealthy woman - And your next!

BONUS #1 - Lifetime Access to The Awakened Sales Goddess sales program. This program gives you all the strategies to see you make sales like hot cakes + become fully booked without ever using another icky sales method that sucks!

BONUS #2 - Lifetime Access to my magic 6 figure challenge funnel Go From overwhelmed with all there is to do, to running your own successful challenge/Bootcamp/masterclass or workshop filled with potential new dream clients...without paid ads or a big social media following. Includes all the templates and swipe files you need to run a successful content event 

BONUS #3 - Making Numbers Sexy inside your business

A masterclass and workbook created by Rose Taylor of Biz Mumma Books to help you understand your numbers so you can scale your business

  BONUS #4 - Branding tips that can help you grow your business and reach your business goals. Presented by the amazing Kelli Anise of "Ame Creatives". 

 YOUR IRRESISTIBLE HELL YES BONUS- Lifetime bi-monthly LIVE mentoring calls: 

Building a business can be lonely. Then when you get stuck, you often feel like you have no one to turn to for advice or help - PRICELESS!!!!

Total Value = $5677++


$2,000.00 using the code "WEALTHY"

Here is my Wealthy Woman promise to you:

- I will give you the ongoing support you need to keep you focused knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to sign consistent dreamy clients and customers (without trying to squeeze you into a box)

- Help you re-wire and re-code old beliefs that have held you back and kept you stuck so that you can show up powerfully, confidently and literally attract the clients you desire and results you deserve

- Stand with you and guide you to discovering your easy aligned strategy that feels effortless, fit's into your life and energises you so that you have consistent cash-flow and more freedom

- Show you how to harness the energy and manifestation practices that activate YOUR strengths to draw in epic opportunities to you 

PLUS You have lifetime mentorship and access to The Awakened Sales Goddess program + Q&A every month so that you always know what to do to grow and expand into greater wealth

If you're ready to GO BIG in your business and your life this coming year, here's your invitation
Why should you trust me?

Heya lovely  

 If we are meeting then clearly the Universe means for us to cross paths. 

 I’m Ang my love languages are Acts Of Service and Words Of Affirmations. I am a Generator in human design, Mum, best selling author, DreamBuilder and success coach to women who are ready to create a wealthy life they love. 

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars learning, failing and getting back up so that you ONLY get what works..and I'm here to tell you that above all things the support of a friend, and community ...

Having "THAT" person to help you stay focused, on track and holding the energy of both your vision and ultimate success makes ALL the difference!


 I also have some serious qualifications that help me excel at what I do 

- Bachelor of Science degree and rehab Diplomas in counselling, nutrition & health – wellness coaching 

- Certification in copywriting 

-Studied at the Brave thinking and life mastery institute 

-Art of feminine presence facilitator and activator 

-Multiple certifications and qualifications in business and a range of different holistic healing and transformational methods all help you achieve the results you want in the shortest time frame possible

I'm here to remind you of your worth, help you step into your enoughness and believe in YOU! 

And give you the shortcut to getting what you want in the easiest way possible

You will get instant access to all the business growth strategies, videos, worksheets, templates, swipe files and mindset + manifestation practices 

Lifetime access to the community and monthly bi-weekly LIVE group coaching calls. 

EVERYTHING you need to start making money doing what you love with confidence and ease now!

Yep, I've loaded this program up with what you need and the best news is this is the Wealthy Woman Unlocked will continue to grow in abundance with you. 

Ready to make a bigger impact, earn more money and have more freedom in your business and life?

Let's Go!

Total Value = $5677++

$2,000.00 using the code "WEALTHY"


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at

Q: I feel like I have invested in many business programs.  How would this be different? Omg. I feel you here. This isn’t just about business. The Wealthy Woman Unlocked is about supporting you as a wealthy woman - in ALL areas of business and life. Supporting with strategy. Supporting you with your emotions. Supporting you in creating and installing new empowering beliefs all along your journey within business. Yes, we cover strategies. But none of that works if your energy, thoughts, beliefs and vibe is not supported too.

This is THE business + alignment program for women ready to make money doing what they love

Q: I don’t have a lot of time.
Yep, I get it. Life is super busy. Mine too and that’s why you get lifetime access. To EVERYTHING. This is your business toolbox. Ever-growing and ever-expanding with you. This is you having the backing behind you when you feel derailed or have lost motivation and mojo. Or when you’ve hit a plateau and need some help getting out. 

Don't let time hold you back. In fact, when I put time pressure on myself I stress myself out more which means I sabotage my best efforts. You might be the same. Release the time pressure you have this forever.

Q: Do I have lifetime access to everything? Yep ;-) This is a FOREVER access program. Meaning you will have the content included forever to dive into at your own pace, at a time that feels right for you AND access to live coaching calls with me twice a month for the life of this program with access to all the replays in our private Facebook group
Most people charge $6,000 K ++ a YEAR to have access to this kind of support and you're getting forever access for a fraction of that.
Q: What happens once I enrol
Once you enrol you will get immediate access to set up your membership portal with all the Wealthy Woman content. Then you will be asked The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Community where you can begin networking, seek feedback and support, catch up on past coaching sessions and where ALL our live coaching takes place.
You get every module and training open up for you. This is not school, so there is no "dripping" of content. I want you to have what you need available to you so that you can stand in your power and decide the best place for you to start

Q:  Is there live training and mentoring? Yes! Twice a month I will be live inside The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community group answering all your questions and providing new trainings (this alone is a business changer). You will get an email reminder and a reminder post inside the group.

The Wealthy Woman Unlocked grows with you! My intention with this program is to help you continue to grow and expand in wealth and freedom.

Q: Why is there so much energy work?
To put this simply, energy is everything. I can't help you make a shit tonne of both money and impact in your business if you don't believe in yourself, know how to use your magnetism or are carrying around beliefs and resistance. This work is designed to set you free!!

Q:  Is there a Facebook community included? The wealthy woman has her own sisterhood community that you will get access to once you enter the members portal. Plus it’s a place I jump into for our live mentoring sessions and answer questions keeping the vibes and magic alive. This is perfect when you need some advice from others who understand the journey. I believe when we join a powerful community of women on the RISE we embody a new up-levelled energy and become unstoppable

Q. Are there templates included?
Yep email templates, product graphic templates, workbook templates, sales page templates ...sooo many templates for you to easily drop your content into so that everything looks amazing. 

You also get my challenge Trello board to make your next launch as easy as possible. All the emails and posts for you to plug in and start making money. I want this to be a program that grows. So if as a collective we need something I will try to create it for you. I want this program to be everything you need

Q: Is your sales program included?YES! My Awakened Sales Goddess program is included as a fast action bonus and you can join the program once you receive your welcome email 

Q: What if I have already purchased The Awakened Sales Goddess
If you have already purchased the sales program you can swap it out for either The Shake Up Your Greatness manifestation program or The Powerfully Feminine energetic up-levelling program. Just email my team at

Q: Is this for women at any level of business?
Yes! This is for the woman who is done settling, done with limiting beliefs and done comparing herself to others. This was created to give women like you who know that when they can tap back into their power over and over again she can drop her resistance, dial-up her magnetism and allow in more money, ease and freedom at each new level of her business and life. This is for the woman who wants support, community and tools at her fingertips.

Q: Is there a payment plan?
Yep, I have a couple of different payment plan options (all in AUD) to make this an easy decision for you.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee? If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, the templates, or the extras within 48 hours, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

That means you can enrol today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 2 days to explore the course and material then make a decision using the information you have rather than the information you don't.

Q: When do I get access to the program and resources? You get Instant Access to Everything! ALL the trainings and content to dive into at the speed that feels best for you. No waiting, just instant clarity and gratification straight away.

Q. What if I fail?
Girlfriend, that is your inner mean girl trying to sabotage you. What I know for sure is failure is certain when you stop trying. Plus that's why we have monthly live Q&A to keep you moving forward breaking old patterns and habits

Q. What if I can't make the live calls?
It's ok they are all pinned inside The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community group. PLUS you can tag me and I will answer your question in the live for you to go back to. I'm serious when I say I have your back! ... Plus where else do you get a programme that supports you throughout your ongoing journey? 

Q: Is there 1:1 coaching included?
There is no 1:1 coaching inside this program. If you want 1:1 mentoring then The Empowered Feminine Leader program would be a better fit for you. You can contact me for more information


Total Value = $5677++

"The Wealthy Woman" PROGRAM
JUST ONE PAYMENT OF $2,000.00 using the code "WEALTHY"

Let's be honest. You don't need another "do it yourself" course. That's why I created this mentorship to be a beautiful blend of both online self-paced learning AND live mentoring (because let's face it, having somebody in your corner helping you stay focused and in energetic alignment to your truth is the gamechanger when it comes to success) 

I also know making an investment like this can be scary. Here’s a secret: Often, it’s not the fear of failing that holds us back, but the fear of succeeding. (I know, crazy right!). 

Just know that The Wealthy Woman Unlocked was created with you in mind. 

It's my mission to support you in your business growth with a program that evolves and grows with you. A program that covers ALL the things it takes to grow a successful business and be a wealthy woman which FYI is more than strategy alone.  

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your business or life -- this is a spiritual, business, wealth and life AWAKENING - this is you unlocking the wealthy woman who is calling to be released via your desires and dreams for more freedom, love and wealth in ALL areas of your life.


Place your hand on your heart. See yourself having all the support you need to uplevel your mindset, habits, manifestation powers and income does your heart scream "YES PLEASE"?

Yes?! Then Let's Go!

Get instant access to all the business growth strategies, videos, worksheets, templates, swipe files and mindset + manifestation practices

Lifetime access to the community and bi-monthly LIVE group coaching calls.

EVERYTHING you need to start making money doing what you love with confidence and ease now!

Our '3 Day Money Back Guarantee'
3 days to explore the course and materials then make a decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

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Fast Action Bonuses!!!

BONUS #1 - 1:1 Inituive Business Audit with Angela

BONUS #2 - The Awakened Sales Goddess FREE!!- As a bonus for taking fast action I am gifting you my Feminine Intuitive Sales Program so that you know EXACTLY how to easily make sales

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