Unlock True Financial Freedom and Happiness on Your Terms!

With The Wealthy Woman Unlocked 4 Phase Dream Business Operating System, we bring together the strategy, manifestation, mindset and support that makes all the difference

You're a dreamer and doer at heart... With BIG goals for your business and even BIGGER plans for your life, but... 

..no matter how hard you try you keep hitting an invisible barrier! 

Let's fix that, together let's eliminate what's holding you back and propel you forward to making all your goals, plans and dreams your reality!!!

Truth is that most business programs out there focus solely on strategy, which tends to have a more masculine energy. It's all about hustling and pushing forward, but it often disconnects us from our greatest source of power: our own feminine energy and inner guidance. 

 That's why so many amazing female entrepreneurs find themselves burnt out and struggling to create the thriving, fulfilling business they've always envisioned. But here's the exciting part: it doesn't have to be that way. 

 I'd like to introduce you to The Wealthy Woman Unlocked, a program designed specifically for ambitious female entrepreneurs like yourself who are on a mission to achieve both financial freedom and a life they truly love. We do things a little differently here. 

 Instead of embracing the hustle, we take a love language approach to building a successful business. We believe in blending powerful manifestation techniques with thoughtful strategies. And the best part? We'll be right there beside you, cheering you on every step of the way. 

 Think of us as your supportive cheerleaders, helping you tap into your manifestation superpowers and creating a space where you belong. We want to empower you to shape a business and a life that you absolutely adore. Together, let's make magic happen. 

 Are you ready to unlock your true potential and build the business of your dreams? Join us on this incredible journey and let's create something extraordinary together.

It's time to break the rules of what it means to be a female entrepreneur and start aligning your dreams and desires with strategy that works for you and your values AND get everything you need to guarantee your success!!

The Wealthy Woman Unlocked program is not your typical course or program. It's a comprehensive coaching program that provides you with the ongoing support and guidance you need to build a successful business on your own terms. PLUS I am giving you instead access to an entire digital marketing course that you can resell as your own and keep 100% of the profits!!!

I believe that building a successful business requires a holistic approach that includes mindset work, nervous system regulation, manifestation techniques, kick-arse strategy that works for you, SUPPORT every step of your journey AND a way to start making money inline within hours

And that's exactly what you'll get in this program. 

I am here to help you not only create a business that has consistent sales and awesome people connecting to work with you but to give you the all tools, resources and BFF type of support that will see you skyrocket your business results and help you create the lifestyle freedom you want from desire.

To help you manage your emotions and your focus, tap into and harness the limitless power and potential and remind you every day if needed that SUCCESS IS MEANT FOR YOU!! 

Are you ready to be fully supported and have your dreams held with the love and reverence they deserve?

Say yes to The Wealthy Woman Unlocked and start creating both the business success and life you truly desire.

Giving up is not an option for you…

 I know that you've probably tried other programs and courses in the past, and maybe you didn't see the results that you were hoping for. But The Wealthy Woman Unlocked program is different. It's not just about giving you information and sending you on your way. 

I'm here to support you every step of the way, and help you overcome any obstacles that come your way. 

I'm your biggest cheerleader, and I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. 

 I know that for you making money isn't just about showing off fancy cars or material possessions. It's about making a difference, making an impact, and having the freedom to spend time with your family and prioritise what truly matters to you. 

And that's exactly what you'll be able to do when you join The Wealthy Woman Unlocked program. 

You'll learn how to create a profitable business that aligns with your values and priorities and gives you the freedom and flexibility to live life on your own terms. 

 So if you're ready to unlock your potential and create a life that you truly love, then The Wealthy Woman Unlocked program is for you. 

Let me be your guide and help you achieve your goals. I can't wait to see you inside the program!

So lean in, my friend, and take my hand because I've got your back!

Let's tap into your deepest desires and discover Your Business Love Language, paving the way to ultimate freedom for you and your loved ones!

My mission is to empower trailblazing female entrepreneurs with a bold vision to make a positive impact and create a life of freedom on their terms. I am here to support you in showing up with unwavering confidence and growing your dream business from a place of deep desire and love. 

Together, we will unlock your full potential and create the unstoppable success you deserve.

I am here to empower you to shed the weight of exhaustion and frustration and guide you toward a life of abundance and fulfillment as a fearless entrepreneur. 

Together, we will unlock your potential to manifest your every desire and break through the limiting beliefs holding you back. 

You will learn to effortlessly step into your power, radiating magnetic confidence and attracting wealth and success with ease. With my unwavering support and understanding, you will never feel alone on your journey towards greatness. 

Get ready to uncover the secrets to success that have propelled me to start and grow 4 successful businesses, develop an app for the app store, and even write a best-selling book including: 

  Launch strategies: I'll walk you through my proven plan for launching with ease and give you all the templates and swipes to get it done within hours. 
  Content + Branding strategy: You'll get time-tested strategies based on psychological triggers that turn followers into customers. 
  Mindset sessions: Overcome self-sabotage, money blocks, imposter syndrome, and fear that hold women back from truly growing their business and creating their dream life. 
  Marketing + Sales strategies: This can feel really overwhelming so I help you break it down to align to you and your values. This is the stuff that cost me tens of thousands of dollars and required sacrifices to learn from some of the world's best online entrepreneurs. 
Master resell rights to a complete digital marketing course as a BONUS

And now, I'm giving it all to you!

Here is EVERYTHING you get when you join The Wealthy Woman Unlocked
Module 1: Unlock the secret to embodying the energy of The Wealthy Woman and discover how to achieve abundance and success without sacrificing your well-being. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a life where you can truly have it all.

Tap into the power of your soul's blueprint and heart's desires to re-program you for the inevitable success that awaits you.

  • Accelerated Wealth Subliminal Audio Bundle: 4 highly potent subliminal audios to rewire, refire and recode you to accelerated wealth and business growth

  • The Wealthy Woman Journal Prompts call in greater wealth and amplify your results

  • The Wealthy Woman Sacred space creation is crucial as everything around us holds so much energy that has the potential to either create resistance and anchor us in lack or lift us into higher and higher abundance and wealth

  • The Wealthy Women Hypnosis Playlist to help you re-pattern your subconscious mind to wealth, think of these like your keys to abundance

  • The Wealthy Woman Coding Unlocked Audio - there is a unique coding to wealth this will unlock yours and proven to have you manifesting more money, clients and opportunities, fast!

  • The Wealthy Woman client attraction meditation

Module 2: Discover the secrets to exuding the confidence and magnetic energy of a truly Wealthy Woman, and unleash the power of your authentic self to attract abundant success and financial freedom.

Unlocking the power of your innate manifesting abilities is your birthright, and in this module, we're breaking the ceiling on all that's possible for you. With practical tools and powerful practices, we'll help you re-align daily, so you always feel supported and guided, making money like magic.

  • The Wealthy Woman Journal Manifestation Practice open you up to receiving greater wealth start attracting more of what you want each and every day

  • The Wealthy Woman Mantras to align to the Universal laws of deservability this is key if you want to continue to 10x your wealth month after month

  • The Wealthy Woman Aligned Energetic practice embodying love and cultivating deep belief and trust

  • The Wealthy Woman techniques to breaking free of limiting beliefs and resistance so that you no longer feeling weighed down in worrying how you will achieve your goals

  • The Wealthy Woman phone wallpapers to activate money like magic

Module 3: This module is like a feast for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to experience massive growth, nourishment, and sales success. You'll find an array of powerful strategies, along with swipe files and templates that will empower you to build a business that aligns with your unique vision and values.

In order to build a successful business, you need a steady flow of leads, followers, and paying customers. This program will teach you how to attract your dream clients using the power of organic attraction marketing, find your unique magnetic messaging, and create a business that aligns with your passions and values. Get ready to unleash your potential and turn your dreams into reality.

  • Get my entire 6 figure content event strategy that takes you through how to run a successful launch WITHOUT overwhelm, paid ads or a huge following! (Value $997)

  • How to nail your million dollar message that attracts "right fit" clients and customers

  • The Wealthy Woman Visibility Hacks for Facebook & Instagram so you start attracting leads and clients like magic you must be seen as a leader making an impact

  • How to attract hot leads and paying clients using easy organic attraction marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest

  • How to use Instagram to attract hot leads and build a following of raving fans

  • How to attract leads using Youtube + BONUS 41 other ideas for you to organically attract dreamy leads into your business

  • How to become a soulful conversion Queen - goodbye spammy strategies

  • The Awakened Sales Goddess Sales program Includes full trainings on how to enrol high-ticket clients without sales calls

  • The Wealthy Woman Sales Page template so you can easily create your sexy irresistible offer. Have your potential new clients begging to work with you and take their money

  • The Wealthy Woman Launch with ease method. This will help you put an end to the never-ending second-guessing and wondering whether you're doing enough to sell out your offers. Super powerful in helping you sell out your offers

  • Email sequence swipe files to grow and nurture your audience so they become raving fans and paying clients

  • How to turn on your magnetism so that you attract clients from a place of confidence and ease without spending a cent

  • How to write content that captivates and attracts your ideal clients

  • The Wealthy Woman Content prompts so you can create content that converts. Is important that we sound authentic and unique so we can stand out and cut through the online noise. These prompts will help create cut-through content and magnetic messaging to attract dream clients and make money

  •  48 Lead magnet ideas so you can create a freebie your potential new clients will love you for


  • How to create a profitable Facebook group FULL of raving fans and dream clients

  • The Wealthy Woman Online Making Money Like Magic Activities - Ca Ching baby money in the bank!

  • Sales funnel training along with complete swipe files

  • Checklists to keep you on track towards your inevitable success

  • Swipe files GALORE in Canva to create FB banners, lead magnets, Sales Funnel Planner and soo much more. Let's make things EASY for you...Yes!

This program was designed to grow with you so it only keeps getting better and better...more and more abundant

PLUS The private Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community is the perfect place for support, feedback and more!

Let's be real entrepreneurship can feel lonely, that's why you need a community of sisters who "get it" and a coach supporting you so that you... 

Never stay stuck again!!

Add to that our bi-monthly live coaching sessions to get direct feedback from me, answers to all the questions and have the support to keep you expanding and growing your wildly profitable business - 

My desire is that you will always have someone to turn to for advice, inspiration or help NOTHING is off limits!!

Hear from other wildly successful wealthy woman - And your next!

Plus These EPIC Bonuses

 BONUS #1 Instant Access to 6-Figure Freedom with Master resell rights to your own digital marketing course with automated support that you get to keep 100% of the profits (you don't need to create anything after you make your sales page using the templates inside The Wealthy Woman Unlocked

BONUS #3 - Lifetime Access to The Awakened Sales Goddess sales program. This program gives you all the strategies to see you make sales like hot cakes + become fully booked without ever using another icky sales method that sucks!

BONUS #2 - Lifetime Access to my magic 6 figure challenge funnel Go From being overwhelmed with all there is to do, to running your own successful challenge/Bootcamp/masterclass or workshop filled with potential new dream clients...without paid ads or a big social media following. Includes all the templates and swipe files you need to run a successful content event 

BONUS #3 - Making Numbers Sexy inside your business

A masterclass and workbook created by Rose Taylor of Biz Mumma Books to help you understand your numbers so you can scale your business

  BONUS #4 - Branding tips that can help you grow your business and reach your business goals. Presented by the amazing Kelli Anise of "Ame Creatives". 

 YOUR IRRESISTIBLE HELL YES BONUS- Lifetime LIVE mentoring calls: 

Building a business can be lonely. Then when you get stuck, you often feel like you have no one to turn to for advice or help - PRICELESS!!!!

Total Value = $9677++



Investing in coaching, mentoring, and programs may seem like the right thing to do, but the truth is, real lasting results come from having someone who has your back, who understands your journey, and fully believes in your potential. 

What you need is a biz bestie, someone who can help you step outside of the box and create a unique pathway to abundance. 

The Wealthy Woman Unlocked is not just another business growth program, it's a powerful collaboration of minds, energy, and spirit. And I'm here to make sure you get results, no ifs or buts about it! 

Let's unlock your wealth and make your dreams a reality.

Now you have two choices…

The first option: You can go it alone 

 It’ll be slower, full of mistakes…and the costly mistakes will mean it’ll be expensive and painful.

 How do I know? 

 Because that’s EXACTLY what happened to me… the hustle and trying to figure out everything on my own made me sick and depressed. 

 So that’s option 1. 

 The second option: We can do it TOGETHER 

 It’ll be faster, a lot less mistakes… and significantly cheaper. 

 That’s because you’ll have me on your team… 

I can see the mistakes before they happen and will guide you in the right direction. 

 So option 2 is essentially the “shortcut” option. 

 But before you join, let me be brutally honest…

You will only get results if you are as excited to get support as I am to give it!!

Total Value = $9677++


Got questions? Here are a few things that my clients and customers ask, along with my responses! If you’ve got questions, don’t hesitate to email my team at contactus@fireflylifecoaching.com.au

Q: I feel like I have invested in many business programs.  How would this be different? Omg. I feel you here. This isn’t just about business. The Wealthy Woman Unlocked is about supporting you as a wealthy woman - in ALL areas of business and life. Supporting with strategy. Supporting you with your emotions. Supporting you in creating and installing new empowering beliefs all along your journey within business. Yes, we cover strategies. But none of that works if your energy, thoughts, beliefs and vibe is not supported too.

This is THE business + alignment program for women ready to make money doing what they love

Q: I don’t have a lot of time.
Yep, I get it. Life is super busy.
Mine too and that’s why you get lifetime access. To EVERYTHING. This is your business toolbox. Ever-growing and ever-expanding with you. This is you having the backing behind you when you feel derailed or have lost motivation and mojo. Or when you’ve hit a plateau and need some help getting out. 

Don't let time hold you back. In fact, when I put time pressure on myself I stress myself out more which means I sabotage my best efforts. You might be the same. Release the time pressure you have this forever.

Q: Do I have lifetime access to everything? Yep ;-) This is a FOREVER access program. Meaning you will have the content included forever to dive into at your own pace, at a time that feels right for you AND access to live coaching calls with me twice a month for the life of this program with access to all the replays in our private Facebook group
Most people charge $6,000 K ++ a YEAR to have access to this kind of support and you're getting forever access for a fraction of that.
Q: What happens once I enroll
Once you enrol you will get immediate access to set up your membership portal with all the Wealthy Woman content. Then you will be asked The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Community where you can begin networking, seek feedback and support, catch up on past coaching sessions and where ALL our live coaching takes place.
You get every module and training open up for you. This is not school, so there is no "dripping" of content. I want you to have what you need available to you so that you can stand in your power and decide the best place for you to start

Q:  Is there live training and mentoring? I will be live inside The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community group answering all your questions and providing new trainings as required by the group (this alone is a business changer). You will get an email reminder and a reminder post inside the group.

The Wealthy Woman Unlocked grows with you! My intention with this program is to help you continue to grow and expand in wealth and freedom.

Q:  Is there a Facebook community included? The wealthy woman has her own sisterhood community that you will get access to once you enter the members portal. Plus it’s a place I jump into for our live mentoring sessions and answer questions keeping the vibes and magic alive. This is perfect when you need some advice from others who understand the journey. I believe when we join a powerful community of women on the RISE we embody a new up-leveled energy and become unstoppable

Q. Are there templates included?
Yep email templates, product graphic templates, workbook templates, sales page templates ...sooo many templates for you to easily drop your content into so that everything looks amazing. 

You also get my challenge Trello board to make your next launch as easy as possible. All the emails and posts for you to plug in and start making money. I want this to be a program that grows. So if as a collective we need something I will try to create it for you. I want this program to be everything you need

Q: Is your 6-Figure Freedom and Sales Goddess programs included?YES! BOTH programs are included as a fast action bonus and you can join the program once you receive your welcome email  (Plus if you have any problems accessing anything becuase tech gremlins took over just contact either myself or my team and we'll get you all fixed up)

Q: What if I have already purchased The Awakened Sales Goddess or 6-Figure Freedom
If you have already purchased the 6-Figure Freedom program can I swap it out for another program or The Powerfully Feminine energetic up-leveling program. Yes, Just email my team at contactus@fireflylifecoaching.com.au

Q: Is this for women at any level of business?
Yes! This is for the woman who is done settling, done with limiting beliefs and done comparing herself to others. This was created to give women like you who know that when they can tap back into their power over and over again she can drop her resistance, dial-up her magnetism and allow in more money, ease and freedom at each new level of her business and life. This is for the woman who wants support, community and tools at her fingertips.

Q: Is there a payment plan?
Yep, I have a couple of different payment plan options (all in USD) to make this an easy decision for you.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?Due to the nature of this digital program and the bonus 6-figure freedom program there are no refunds on this purchase

Q: When do I get access to the program and resources? You get Instant Access to Everything! ALL the trainings and content to dive into at the speed that feels best for you. No waiting, just instant clarity and gratification straight away.

Q. What if I fail?
Girlfriend, that is your inner mean girl trying to sabotage you. What I know for sure is failure is certain when you stop trying. Plus that's why we have monthly live Q&A to keep you moving forward breaking old patterns and habits

Q. What if I can't make the live calls?
It's ok they are all pinned inside The Wealthy Woman Unlocked Facebook community group. PLUS you can tag me and I will answer your question in the live for you to go back to. I'm serious when I say I have your back! ... Plus where else do you get a programme that supports you throughout your ongoing journey? 

Q: Is there 1:1 coaching included?
There is no 1:1 coaching inside this program. If you want 1:1 mentoring then The Empowered Feminine Leader program would be a better fit for you. You can contact me for more information

Q: Can I resell the Digital Marketing course inside as my own?

Yep! Whilst you can't sell the Wealthy Woman Unlocked material you absolutely can resell the digital marketing course as you get master resell rights!!

You seriously have nothing to loose! This is a complete no brainer if your mission is to create impact and financial freedom

"The Wealthy Woman" PROGRAM

Total Value = $9677++

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